Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beware of Skittles!

I know,I know some of you are like -Wha?! Beware of Skittles?! And no there's been no recall on them or anything. It's just that today I finally went to see the Hannah Montana movie with my daughter and my sis. for a girls day out. (Yeah we've been pretty knee deep in the Hannah Montana craze for awhile.- My daughter has her CD's,Posters, a Hannah Montana theme for her B-day party last year.-etc.) But I digress...

Back to the Skittles ... So as we got our snacks for the movie since we were pretty hungry and my daughter loves her Skittles. I was reminded of a time a couple yrs. ago where we also then had a girls day out to see a movie and got Skittles. Except for that time after the movie was over I stood up to realize there was a slightly melted/smooshed Skittle on my butt!! Needless to say after trying to pry some off we rushed home. So, I just wanted to make a quick note for all to be warned-Beware of Skittles! I think we'd all rather taste the rainbow not sit on it! ;) Consider this as my Public Service Announcement =D
Oh yeah and by the way -Today's girls day out and movie was good and fun ☺


Anonymous said...

LOL! It was a great day! Remember, life's a climb enjoy the view!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Spending time with our daughters is SO MUCH fun isn't it?
Have you tried the chocolate skittles? Not bad really. Some of them are NASTY but the brownie ones are really flavorful. Glad you had fun!
My daughter totally LOVES Hanna Montana also! She is almost 10.