Monday, April 12, 2010

Where I come from -MckLinky Monday

On The Real Housewives of Oklahoma blog today they ask -Where do you come from ?
Well, I'm an Okie for sure -Lived in Oklahoma all my life! I've lived a few different places in OK though...
To start I was born where I live now -In Tulsa. My parents,little sis, and I even lived in the famous Lortondale neighborhood. I don't remember much about that time -I know that I went to Miss Helen's private school for a little bit and Hoover elementary. Then when I was in 1st grade my parents got divorced -my sis and I moved between my mom and dad for awhile. Once everything was finalized my dad got primary custody of us though. Eventually we moved to his hometown -Muskogee. This is where I lived for most of my formative years and graduated high school and everything - So,definitely an Okie from Muskogee!
I was just there this past weekend helping to go through my grandma's stuff,taking pictures to catalog it and everything. Luckily I didn't try to go to the mall -So tragic and scary there was a shooting Saturday at Arrowhead Mall and during the Azalea festival! The mall I remember going to so many times growing up-I even won a shopping spree from there once!
So much family history in Muskogee -This weekend I also got a picture of a Mural that shows my Grandpa (He's supposed to be the guy in the middle -on the bike)

But, then again there's Tulsa too... We would go visit my mom -You know how it goes-switching holidays and weekends and everything. My other grandma lives here in Tulsa and we'd visit her too of course. We'd go around Tulsa and see the "big city" - And being that Tulsa isn't too far from Muskogee sometimes there'd even be a school field trip to Bell's or other places around Tulsa...
And, so it goes- the 2 parts of my formative years -Where I come from. And not too mention a few other places I've lived -Like Lawton where I met my husband and where my in-law's live -But, that's a whole other story :)


Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Yes, I would say you are an Okie born and raised! LOL! So many great memories and great pictures, especially the ones in Muskogee and of Bells! You totally RHOK! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

Baloney said...

I'm so glad you joined the RHOK today to link up. And, oh! The memories of things like Bell's. :)

Kellyology said...

I'm just finding it so interesting to see where everyone comes from. I always find it so funny when people call Tulsa the big city. I've lived here most of my life and yet it always feels so small to me.

Dawn said...

Thanks for joining in at TheRHOK today! And, thank you for the comment you left on my post.

I have many memories in Salina. As matter of fact, we still every summer go to Blue Hole swimming. Have you been there when visiting your family? We LOVE it! I've blogged about it a couple of times.

My grandmother and great-grandmother lived in Salina.

My great aunt and uncle owned the feed store there and lived in the second story of the building.

I'm loving seeing where every one comes from.

I'm going to be a follower of your blog! =)

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! And for following my blog Dawn! -I will return the favor here in a minute! Also @ Dawn I don't think I've ever been Blue Hole swimming. My grandma grew up there and there's still some family around there. My great-grandma ran a fishing hole for years -I think called Cagle's Cove or something -Haven't been that way in quite awhile probably since her funeral a few years ago.

Jill of All Trades said...

This was such a cool thing and I enjoyed reading and writing about all of it. Very cool idea and can't wait till next Monday.

Megan said...

This was so much fun!

I have family in Okmulgee so I've been through Muskogee many times. Pretty neat!