Friday, April 2, 2010

The Friday Five

I haven't done a Friday Five in awhile -You know when I post 5 things about any random subject. Well, here goes -so even though it's rainy and all today spring has sprung! The past few days have been really nice weather- things blossoming all over and of course it's Easter weekend -a sure sign of spring! So here's 5 pictures I've taken within the past few days:
1. A pretty flower from a tree in my backyard - I like the grey background from the fence:

2. The same tree just looking up into the sky:

3. Again the same tree but, with a bee going to gather pollen from it:

4. Moving on from the tree-I also have a nice Forsythia bush that's blooming:

5. And since it's almost Easter here's some of our decorations -these are on our back sliding glass door- I can see the Forsythia bush looking out there-See:Well, that's it for today's Friday Five. I have to make sure I get everything ready for Easter -we're having the big Easter feast over here. And of course we have to get our Easter eggs all dyed and everything. Until next time -Have a nice Easter weekend!

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