Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week- Planes,No Trains,and Automobiles

This week was a busy week! Besides our normal schedule here's a few things we did- As I mentioned in my last post I registered my baby boy for school in the fall. Luckily I made it for the "make-up day" since I missed the 1st chance -Bad mommy!-I know. But, luckily I was prepared since I got the packet before and got all the necessary paperwork ready to turn in-Thursday. Wednesday I took my little girl to a friend's house and they went and saw a movie with some other friends. I guess my kids are growing up-Still not sure how I feel about all of that- Kinda nervous/worried...
I'm not sure how my son will do at school-guess we'll find out soon enough.
And at first my daughter and her friends had this plan where they'd ride a different bus to the friend's house and go to the movies -I of course was like -I don't think so! I will take you over to your friend's house and make sure an adult there knows what all is going on- So I did -It all worked out fine -Whew!

Friday morning we were going through our normal morning routine/about to take my daughter to school-Until I noticed I had a flat tire-Ugh! (Here's where the automobile comes in ;) I called my hubby- he came and took my daughter to school then got the tire patched up. Good thing he got all that fixed cause Friday evening I went to a Mom's Night Out -Bowling -it was pretty fun!

Yesterday-Saturday -There was a lot of places/things I wanted to do. We went to the airshow -Thanks to some tickets I won from 918moms. (Here's where the planes come in :)
That took most of our day-man it was packed! We started our trek around 11:30am (A little later than planned) -We actually made it to the airshow about 1:30pm -Stayed awhile and left when we started feeling some sprinkles. Of course we had to make our way back to our vehicle which we parked about 2 miles away. We are still pretty pooped today since we walked a good 5+ miles. But,it was pretty cool to see all the planes and everything:

So, that was part of our week -How about you? Until next time-Have a good rest of the weekend!


Dawn said...

My daughter is 12 and I still have to know exactly where she is. I never let her go to someone's house that I've not already talked with the parent. I'm such paranoid momma!

How exciting you won the tickets on 918 moms! I was wondering who won them. Congrats!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

I'm definitely a paranoid mom too! I'm slowly letting go of some of the over-protectiveness -It's hard! And Thanks!-it was exciting to win the tickets :)