Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Atlanta Vacation Part 3!

So where I left off- The next day (last Tues)-Guess what we did?! If you guessed climbed another mountain you'd be correct! We went to the Kennesaw mountain-Which is technically where my BIL and his family live -Not the mountain,Just Kennesaw ;) Well,I guess you can say they kinda do live at mountains though =D
But, seriously we did walk up the trail to the top of the mountain and saw cannons-etc. Then when we got back down we went thru the small civil war museum there-That was about it for that day.

Then last wednesday we went to Atlanta again to the World of Coca-Cola Museum! It was cool seeing all the Coke memorabilia,taking a pic with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear,and going to the room where you taste all different kinds of Coke products from around the world. I heard about the Beverly from Italy so had to try it-It was true: Bitter-Yuck! There was a few that were ok I liked 1-called Sunfill from Africa -It was kinda minty!
Then Thursday we headed out- back home! Before we left we visited a Gone With the Wind Museum. That was also pretty cool-Seeing all the memorabilia and all. Good thing it was pretty small so we get back on the road.

Again we fit in about 13hr. drive in 1 day! Do you ever find yourself doing strange things to pass the time on a long trip? I know I love to take pictures-everywhere. So of course I did some of that but, I also found myself getting the grass out of our blanket we used to lay on the lawn to watch the Lasershow. I had my own little technique going that I like to call -Lint n Pick-I would use a lint-roller we had in our van then pick more out that the lint roller wouldn't get-I know -weird! =D
Anyways, so we finally got home technically early Fri. and that was about it! Now enjoy some scenic pics I took on the way there and back:

Gah! Sorry the pics are in a bit of a weird position-IDK I always have a hard time getting them the way I want =)~

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