Sunday, June 7, 2009

Atlanta Vacation- Part 2 !

Ok so I know everyone is dying to know what all we did on our vacation -Right?! =D
Well, last Monday we we went to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History -I like the dinosaur exhibits and the hands on learning section. It was all pretty cool -I also liked how even the floor tiles had fossils in them!
Then we were on our way to Stone Mountain Park -They have all kinds of different things to do there. 1 of the coolest things is a carving into the mountain of southern heroes of the Civil War-Jefferson Davis,Robert E. Lee, & Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. It's the largest relief sculpture in the world measuring 90 by 190 feet,surrounded by a carved surface that is larger than a football field-No wonder it took over 66 years to complete!
The crew we were with are very active/athletic type people and LOVE to climb mountains! So we climbed up the mountain-But, some of us only went part way up. Then we decided we'd better go to the plantation part before we all met for dinner at 1 of the restaurants at Stone Mountain. (I have a fondness for houses/architecture-Especially love plantation houses!) Once we all met up again we staked our claim on the lawn in front of the mountain where they have a Lasershow Spectacular. Then ate dinner;came back-the kids played-etc. until it was time for the show! It was awesome! But,needless to say we were all pretty pooped after that-We got back to my brother in law's house and got ready for bed. I think I'm about ready for bed now- So,I'll tell you what all else we did-In part 3 coming up soon! But, for now enjoy a little part of the Lasershow Spectacular! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and your family had a good time! The Lasershow looks awesome! Can't wait to see what all else you did.

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