Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daughter's Birthday/Party -I survived another 1 !

It's that time of year again my daughter's birthday!
Ever since we've lived in this house (about 4 yrs.) we've had her B-day party here at our house to help save on funds and all. Besides I happen to think we have a pretty nice yard and everything. But, after doing the same type of thing for a few years it all seems kinda-blah! I was thinking about going somewhere else -Yeah not slaving away to clean the house before and after does sound nice too ;) We thought about some kind of mini golf thing or something but, after realizing how expensive it would be and especially after our vacation we decided to have it here again. I always try to think of a different theme -I again felt kinda blah on that -We've done a Treasure hunt theme,Hawaiian Luau theme,Hannah Montana theme. (Good thing we did Hannah Montana last year-Cause like Duh! My daughter doesn't like her much anymore-since like forever-You know like a few weeks ago ;) Anyways, I like to start on a theme and go from there-I like the idea of doing a craft with the theme that the kids can take home -We've done a treasure chest to hold their treasures, Sand Art,a Backstage Pass. This year again I was getting kinda stumped -It's hard having a tween! Can't do anything too kiddish but still want to do something. Luckily my family helped me come up with a garden theme. My mind started going then...

So we had the party this past Saturday! - The gals painted a plant pot, I also got little kits that had a little plant already to go in a little pot-(Gotta love Target's Dollar Spot!) They seemed to enjoy doing that and just playing outside. Then of course we did the usual Presents,Cake-etc.

It all turned out pretty well! Check out the pics! If you notice my daughter and her BCF (Best Cousin Forever) even wore matching outfits :) And here's some of the finished products /decorations!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like your daughter had a lovely birthday party!