Friday, April 8, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels -Ch. 1-5

I'm joining in with the RHOK reads:This first book being Oklahoma's own -Pioneer Woman and her love story -Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

First let me start off by saying although the Pioneer Woman is a fellow Oklahoma Blogger -and I have visited her site -I'm not a devout follower -I know, I know -now you can pick your chin up off the floor ;) For some reason I can sometimes be cynical /not wanting to "buy into the hype". So, although she may have told some of this story on her blog -it is all new to me. And I wasn't really sure if I could relate -even after reading the 1st page of the book where she said - "I was mired in a papery swamp of study guides, marked -up drafts of my resume', listings of Chicago apartments, and a J. Crew catalog, from which I just ordered a $495 wool coat in olive, not chocolate, because I'm a redhead, and because Chicago, I reminded myself is a tad more nippy than Los Angeles, which I just left weeks earlier"
About the only thing I could relate to in that was being a redhead and maybe the drafts of resume's. I don't think I've spent almost $500 on any article of clothing or even $400 in my life! I was a bit surprised to learn that Ree did in fact come from an "affluent" background. But, that aside I have to admit she does write well and as it got juicier -the more interested in the book I got.

I can't say that I've had any ex boyfriends/ dates exactly like hers -even though I might not have minded a "British guy that worked at the country club" -who doesn't love an accent -right? ;) But, what I could relate to is the dating world in general -guys who are into you more than them and vise versa. As I've mentioned some of my ex -experiences before. (I wonder if she was as nervous as I was about writing about ex's -if she changed their names or anything). And as I got more into the heart of the story -it is a love story about how she met her husband and the beginning of their relationship afterall -and it does make you Swoon indeed -Ahh the feelings of new love! But, what about her plans to move to Chicago ? That would probably put a kink in things with her new Marlboro Man -What's a girl to do? -To be continued...

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Baloney said...

Yes, what is a girl to do?!
Thanks for reading along with the RHOK!