Friday, April 15, 2011

The Kids -Ages and Stages

Just a little update today on the kids...

My son recently turned 5 -it's 1 of my fav. ages because they're old enough to do a lot of things on their own -like going potty -But, still need their mama for a lot of things too. At this age they are also good helpers. And say the darndest things -as mentioned in my previous post we all took a trip to the vet recently - there was a cat in a cage for adoption -and my son asked "Why the cat had a hole" as he was pointing -I explained that's where it goes poop -maybe because it had lighter fur that he noticed it on that cat and not ours before? Me and the receptionist got a little giggle out of it anyway. Also the other day we were getting ready to walk into a store when my son stopped and sniffed -*sniff *sniff and said -"Hmm -smells like yellow" -Lol- Where does he come up with this stuff?!

And as far as my daughter she's almost officially a teenager -yikes! It's kind of a strange age -being a lot more independant in a lot of ways but, then not in some ways. She gets embarrassed by us "old folks" a lot. She's taller than me now (not that -that's too hard to do;) and blossoming into quite the beautiful young lady. As an early bday present we got her a cell phone recently -and we've already had to take it away once -Because of "the attitude" - she certainly has the eye rolling and teenage attitude down -Yeesh -Teenage daughters:

So, yep that's the ages n stages going on around here for now. What's your favorite age/stage? Hope everyone has a Happy friday and weekend!

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Brandy@YDK said...

so you have the best of both worlds. i've heard the teen years are super duper difficult. good luck