Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My neck of the woods

Still been HOT around here -trying to keep cool and everything. At least this past weekend was a little bit less hot -so, we decided it was a fairly good time to take a trip over the hill and through the woods -to grandma's -grandpa's (my dad's) house- and also take a float trip. If you're from around these parts you probably know that'd be the Illinois river around Tahlequah,OK
You see my dad lives out there in the family's cabin -it's pretty primitive but, he's been out there making a few changes -used to have an old outhouse now there's a new "fancy" bath house with real running water complete with toilet, shower, even a washer and a dryer but, the washer is somewhat outside -see:
And we all went on a float trip -we had a boys raft and a girls raft. Been awhile since I've went on a float trip -a fun but exhuasting time - luckily I survived with just a little sunburn and that's after wearing a hat, applying and reapplying sunscreen,and keeping a damp towel around my shoulders. We got home late Sat. night and Sun. morning I woke up to find that the stray kitty had her kittens -7 of them!
So, eventually will need to find them all homes -would like to find the mama kitty a home too -so, if you know anyone -let me know. Now we've been keeping an eye on the kitties and everything - And that's what's going on in my neck of the woods -How about you? Be sure to join in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods and let us know!


Chell said...

I love floating the Illinois River. We tried to go this year again, just didn't work out though.

The Southern Family said...

I haven't been floating in a long while. The cabin is looking good! I think that might be fun to have one. It's really too hot to do anything. I'm so lethargic!

Baloney said...

The last time I floated the Illinois was disturbing. Cops were out there taking glass containers but ignoring the million teens who were drinking canned beer and holding their joints high enough to keep from getting wet. Haven't been back.
Good luck with the kitties. Been trying to find a home for my friend's cat since they found out their son is highly allergic.

Dawn said...

I haven't floated the river since college, I don't believe?! I need to take my family. They would love it. I just love Tahlequah.

How exciting about the kitties. I hope you find them all homes. =)