Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PW's BHtTW - Marriage and a honeymoon

Week 4 of joining in with the RHOK reads:
After the big beautiful wedding -Ree and her Marlboro man set off for an Australian honeymoon - it was an "adventure" all right! Of course they -ahem -did things that married people do ;) and explored Australia -but, unfortunately there was also quite a bit of uh -throwing up. Which unfortunately I could somewhat relate to on my honeymoon -we didn't go to Australia or some other far away land -no, being a somewhat worried mom-leaving my daughter to be taken care of by family members we didn't go too far -we went to Texas - San Antonio to be exact. We took a flight there and back and even though I had been ok on my only other plane ride a few years earlier -for some reason I got air sick! -nothing says romantic like holding a full barf bag going to your honeymoon -right?! ;) And there was a moment I thought maybe I could be pregnant but, I highly doubted it -it seemed just the plane rides got to me. Once we were in San Antonio we had a blast -going to Sea World, Going along the riverwalk, and ahem -doing other things that married people do ;) -So, it turned out pretty well. And when we got back and picked my daughter we all settled in for our new life -all of us together. Of course for PW and MM -there was more turmoil to come - To be continued ...


jennykate77 said...

Sorry you got sick...maybe it was the added nerves?! Sounds like a great honeymoon though!!

~Mrs. Edwards

Baloney said...

You know you aren't supposed to feel pregnant while ON your honeymoon, right?!
Our honeymoon wasn't fun enough to write about. I'd like a do-over. :)