Monday, January 3, 2011

MckLinky Monday - Celebrating the New Year

For today's MckLinky Monday on the RHOK Miss Priss wants to know - How do you celebrate/ring in the New Year? ... Well, I also say leave it to the crazies to go out and par-tay -I also pretty much hang out at home and try to stay awake until midnight -Sometimes I actually make it ;) I can't say that we have a mini party -the kids are usually asleep -So, me and the hubby try to stay awake -This time I did! I flipped channels and watched a little of the different celebrations going on -I got Jiggy or rather Giggy with it and watched Bravo's wig drop, NBC's /Tulsa's Ball Drop, Fox's celebration, and a little bit of Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years eve celebration on ABC (my ABC comes in fuzzy -but, I did see NKOTB!) I also passed some time by reflecting back on 2010 and watching different things - like this:

We don't have anything too specfic we do New Years day - This year my mom wanted all of us gals (me, my daughter, sister, grandma, and my mom of course) -to go see the Bodies exhibit -No photography allowed so, no pics to share (Which might be good if you'd rather not see that kind of thing -like my husband he didn't so, he stayed home with my son) -It was pretty interesting though. One thing we do for sure on New Years is eat some "luck foods" like Black eyed peas - I was looking for a good/easy recipe when I found 1 for Black Eyed Pea Casserole -so, I made that for dinner:
It was yummy -And easy to make! Just cooked the rice and hamburger meat- then put them in a casserole dish with canned black eyed peas and Rotel; after it cooked for awhile I topped it with cheese and put it back in the oven for a few minutes (about 30 minutes total cook time) And Voila! And that's how I rang in the New Year - 1-1-11 ! Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday and tell us what all you did -And a Happy New Year to you !!


Dawn said...

I think that casserole looks delicious. Seriously. If you could somehow work in some cabbage I'd be in heaven. Ha!

Thanks for linking up today.

We did stop being silly long enough to watch the ball drop on TV and then I kissed my husband. ;-)

Happy New Year!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

You might be able to work in some cabbage somehow - I was supposed to add some chopped onions but, completely forgot -so, now I have an onion sitting in the fridge! Oh and the Black eyed Peas and Rotel I used 2 cans of each -I did 1 can of mild Rotel and 1 regular -I don't like things too spicy. Oh and my husband fell asleep a little before midnight so, I woke him up for a little kiss ;)

Baloney said...

My black-eyed peas go with Rotel and sausage among other things. Yours sounds yummy! Gotta love internet recipes. :)
Happy New Year!

6 Happy Hearts said...

Love spending the NY with the family at home. Great memories are made :)
I'm going to have to remember that casserole!
I love BEP's so I may test it out soon :)
Happy 2011!

kenziekylanmom said...

I have been looking for a good recipe for black eyed peas, this seems perfect! I'm going to try it this week.