Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bachelor -Brad Womack part Deux

So, I just got done watching the latest episode of the Bachelor (have to watch it online the next day). For those of you following (and maybe for some that aren't) know that the Bachelor is Brad Womack -again! As he has explained several times the 1st time he had some issues and wasn't ready to commit -This time he is a changed man and is ready -I think he genuinely means it. Of course they keep alluding to in the end will the woman be ready this time? As always it's such a roller coaster!
The last episode had some great dates- the private carnival and the pampering/getting a private concert by Train -awesome dates! And the not so awesome group date -15 women all vying for Brad's attention-Yikes! This among other things is causing drama among the ladies - and the 2 ladies that were fighting at the rose ceremony -got the boot -I guess Brad didn't want any of that! The 3rd lady that got the boot Keltie -I felt so bad for her- she said she's gone through so many dating attempts and can't seem to find the right guy-(a side note you never know when the right time and person will come along -usually when you least expect it ;)
Definitely some interesting characters left -Madison AKA the woman with the fangs, Michelle -who is of course very attractive and I think the women nailed it -is probably used to getting what she wants -she also has a little girl, Emily who also has a little girl and a heartbreaking story -she had a couple of opportunities to tell Brad about her daughter and past -hopefully next episode?, There's also the 2 Ashleys -1 who got the very 1st impression rose and the other got the very 1st 1 on 1 date (the private carnival), And so many other great and interesting women! Of course the claws are coming out though - Can't wait to see what all else happens! Are you watching? What do you think?


Dawn said...

I missed the first episode but watched last night's episode this morning. Whoa!

First - Brad is HOT! Let's just get that out there. Dayum! =)
Second - Michelle is a narcissistic psycho. She is pretty, but that's all she has going for her. I think she will leave next week. He seems to not want to dilly dally with the crazies.

Reality Steve has already told who wins. My friend told me who but I've already forgotten. LOL! I need to ask again.

I wish Brad much happiness.

Night Owl Public Relations said...

I'm sort of watching. I'll wait till it gets a little more involved. The show is getting too scripted, like a soap opera. Almost too many tears to believe.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Brad is Hot! And yeah seems Michelle is taking a turn on the crazy train =P I mean what was up with that dance/ showing off -that she got the rose?! Reality Steve -Hmmm? -Will have to see about looking that up :)

MommaAmma said...

I love this show
Brad is too needy
The girls are all crazy
Carnival Ashley is too cute
I want to see a cat fight

Brit Gal Sarah said...

The Hubster & I call this 'entertaining bollocks'! To be honest we laugh through most of it at the ridiculous stuff that goes on. I am not at all convinced Brad has changed, after all if he really had, would he be back on reality TV trying to find his wife!! Nuff said ;-)

Anonymous said...

You are calling Michelle a narcissist. Hello, look at Brad. He is just better at hiding it, but the effects are all there. His eyes look dead.