Monday, March 21, 2011

MckLinky Monday -Who am I?

Today on The RHOK -Mrs. Edwards is talking about who we are -in the blogging sense and asks -Who are you?" "What's your top searched/viewed posts"?

Well, for me as mentioned on the sidebar and other places on this blog -I am mostly a "mommy blogger" giving a voice for all "The Mom Mayhem" that happens in this parent's life -past and present. So, of course I talk write about my kids and things going on in our lives a lot -But, of course that's not all. Sometimes I might have little tidbits of advice or cool pictures to share.
Another subject I love to talk about are things going on in pop culture -maybe viral videos or the latest tv show.

For instance my most viewed post as of now is The Talk vs. The View and I love how sometimes I feel I've really gotten into the "pulse" of things when say there's a recent SNL parody on the same subject:

My 2nd most searched/viewed post is about the latest Bachelor show with Brad Womack -I'm sure that will taper off now that the show is over. But, yeah that's pretty much most of my top 10 -People searching variations on those 2 shows. Also it seems some people think Brad is narcissistic because there's some variations of people searching that and somehow come to my post -Not sure how that happens but -Oh well.

It's always interesting what people search and end up on here -I'm not sure if it's accidental but, some do search variations of -The Mom Mayhem -For instance- not sure it's me or something a little more sinister when they search "Mom of Mayhem" and come here -But, you never know -Maybe I am making a name for myself - a girl can dream can't she ;)


Lynette said...

I so understand....feel like a lil fish in a great big pond all the time

Brandy@YDK said...

ha - mom of mayhem sounds like a roller derby chick.

Territory Mom said...

I love your blog. You are a wonderful. I have never seen the talk, but I love the clip. I had a feeling that is how the show was. SNL really paints a real picture.

Amy said...

I just couldn't watch any more of the Bachelor after the one where the Bachelor picked one and then later changed his mind and picked the other one!

Baloney said...

Well, at least they didn't come to your blog looking for poop. ;)

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Good things to be known by! I LOVE pop culture!

Mom of Mayhem sounds like a metal rock band or something. LOL :)

Thanks for linking up!!

~Mrs. Edwards

ShaRhonda said...

Good for YOU! All three are great hits- and you got 'em girl! WTG! LOL!