Monday, October 25, 2010

The Talk vs. The View


Anyone else been keeping up with these shows?
So, I've been a loyal fan of The View since it started (14 seasons ago) and when I started seeing commercials for The Talk - I admit I was a bit skeptical -Like oh these broads are trying to be like them. I decided to check The Talk out though and it's been on for a little over a week now...

And I have to say -I like The Talk! They ARE similar to The View- I'd say that The Talk focuses more on parenting issues and The View focuses more on celebs,politics, and other "Hot Topics" though. I like how the co-hosts on The Talk got acquainted not only amongst themselves but to the viewers as well -Sharing their pregnancy;birth stories,and backgrounds. Of course all the ladies are great - and it's nice to see them outside of the other various things/shows they've been on. It's a good mix- even if Leah Remini is LOUD sometimes -Ha -Just kidding(kinda ;) -All of them are lovely though! I like that as they say they're a support system of sorts - as they mention coming from Sara Gilbert's idea after being in a mom's group after her 2nd kid. And as I've mentioned before- it was tough for me becoming a stay-at home mom after my 2nd kid -and partly why I started this blog and am glad for the community I get from it. So, I get the concept! Of course I'm still a fan of The View -I love all the ladies on there too! So, where does this leave me?! Well, apparently with another show added to my DVR -Just what I need-Right?! ;)

So, Have you been watching ? -What do you think?


Kellyology said...

I hadn't even heard of The Talk until this post. I'm going to have to check it out. But yes, I do like The View. Though sometimes I do feel the need to reach through the TV and smack Elizabeth. LOL

MommaAmma said...

I really can't stand the women of the View so I never really got into it. I caught The Talk because I do happen to really like these ladies and I was impressed. I hope they can keep up the conversational aspect and not move in on debating and cat fights. I love that it is geared toward mothers and discusses stay at homes, work at homes and out of the home working moms. We all have concerns, cares and needs. It's nice to have a show for all of us!