Monday, October 25, 2010

MckLinky Monday - Worst Job

For today's MckLinky Monday with the RHOK -Mrs. Albright -Wants to know - "What's your worst job experience?"

Well, we all know that parenting is 1 of the hardest jobs(Mom Mayhem anyone ;) But, as far as jobs I actually got paid for... You know I was just reviewing my resume' the other day -Thinking about jobs I've had -and what future jobs I might have...
I started out in food service/a waitress,been a file clerk (at the hospital where my daughter was born), and also in "teleservices" -1st as a telemarketer, then a customer service rep. I can't necessarily say 1 was worse than another- each had ups and downs.
Some people might think being a telemarketer is a bad job- I definitely didn't like the pressure for -Sales,Sales,Sales! And I really hated when they cracked down on quota -people with families in jeopardy of losing their jobs even if they were in the top sales the week before. I got so frustrated about all the changes -I even wrote a letter to corporate -maybe I shouldn't have signed my name -Got me fired (probably 1 of the few people you've heard of that got fired over a letter-Eh? ;) But, even then I wouldn't say it was the worst.
It seems any job dealing the public is like a box of chocolates -You never know what you're gonna get! As a waitress I might get a nice customer,an angry customer, or a sleazy guy that hit on me ; As a customer service rep. I might get a nice customer,an angry customer, or a sleazy guy calling in to order an "adult" channel and/or hit on me (Why must there always be a sleazy guy?!) Not only do you deal with customers, but also coworkers;bosses -and we know jobs can be a minefield of political B.S. -And I've had some doozys! Good bosses vs. bad bosses can make a lot of difference! For instance my CSR job (at DTV) -I went through a lot of bosses -some ok -some not -I was even subjected to racism -kinda weird seeing as how I'm white -But, I believe there was some reverse racism that I was a victim of and other coworkers -by the same person. Luckily after talking with the manager I got to switch supervisors. Not much was done to the supervisor-he even later became a manager -I heard after I left he eventually did get fired after more complaints though. Of course that's not to say I was always the best employee -I've never been too excited to stay long after my shift,willingly sign up for overtime, or gladly work holidays -Even though I had to do all of the above at times. But, back to jobs so- Yeah I'd say any job dealing with a bad boss and the public makes for a pretty bi-polar job! Many stories to tell -again my CSR job- going from customers that are crying,to feeling like a super hero that saved the customer's day, to getting cussed out - all in a day's work ;) And to think now that the kids are in school -I'm thinking about going back to this world! What I really need is a job that has a good boss,good schedule M-F (maybe 10am-2pm) flexible when needed, oh and good pay would be nice too -If you know anything like that let me know ;)

Sorry for the long post -I could probably go on about fat cat CEO's and their golden parachutes -and their affect on the economy. (Why I love things like Undercover boss - I hope things like that do make changes for the better-and not just in their P.R. persona- Ok I shut-up now ;)


Territory Mom said...

This sounds like one of my jobs. I love Undercover Boss too, boy do they get humbled.

Kellyology said...

I worked in customer service for years. But my clients were only other professionals like myself. I don't think I could have hacked it working with the general public.

jennykate77 said...

Telemarketing was a short-lived job for me. I got hired at the University I attended for a job in their call center. It was our job to call alumni and ask them for donations/pledges. It seemed easy, but it wasn't. I soon got tired of hounding people for money and I quit. I think I only lasted 2 weeks.

Good bosses really make a difference!! I love Undercover Boss too. It's such a great show!

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

We need to start a business that is three days a week from 10-2. I'd be on board with that.

Thanks for playing along this week!

~Mrs. Albright

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Thanks ladies for the comments!
@Kelly -Working with the public sure is interesting! You also made me LOL -1 of the bad incidents as a CSR was when they couldn't hack that I said hack - again a bi-polar job -Getting a good score on a call to not a good score on another call for saying "hack"!

@RHOK /Mrs. A -Sounds good to me -I'd be on board with a business like that too! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey.. I got fired from a good paying CSR job that started out being easy dealing with high rollers.. then they through sales into thev mix.. as if people who have 65k credit lines on their AA Citbank Visa want to purchase magazine subscripts and ridiculous stuff like that?

My sales quotas were never enough.. to keep the job

Baloney said...

Good luck finding the magic job. You could take a job as a preschool teacher, like Mrs. A. :)
Just like everything else, there's no such thing as perfect.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I don't think I would last very long as a CSR with the general public. I don't do well under quotas.

Stacey said...

You are right; in working with the public you never know what you are going to get. It can be crazy what you come across and even more crazy what people who are desperate for a shoulder to cry on will spill to a complete stranger. I did telemarketing for a (very short) time. It drove me nuts and I finally quit when the guy I asked for was dead and it made his wife cry to tell me that. I thought, you know...I am just not cut out for this!!