Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Friday Five - A little early ;)

For today's Friday Five I want to mention 5 things -some I might've mentioned before -But,If you missed it -worth a 2nd look kind of thing - So, here goes:

1. A few weeks ago I mentioned the hilarious Mompetition videos - Well, I guess they are getting really viral - Since then -there's even been an article in Time magazine about them!

2. You might've noticed a new widget on my blog -Kids Eat Free -over --> that way somewhere. I'm sure a lot of you are like me and love a good deal like kids eat free -etc. -In fact...

3. Besides that widget my latest frugal family Examiner article offers some Kids Eat free deals for October!

4. As we all know Halloween is coming soon! -I also have a few Examiner articles about fall fun/pumpkin patches, Free pumpkin carving stencils,Halloween crafts, -etc and probably some more coming up soon -I highlight a lot of that on my Facebook page -Check it out if you haven't already- Thanks!

5. Do you love candles? Glade candles? If you do -you should check out the design contest they're having -You can design a candle and the winning design gets $$! It took me a little while to get the hang of it -But, luckily you get a few chances per scent -I've made a few -I think these are some of my best ones- this,this, and this - Which 1 do you like the best? -Feel free to vote for me ;)

Well, that's about it for now -a lot of stuff to do around here -Our garage door is broken -have to get a person out to fix it (hoping it's not too expensive.) Also need to clean/get ready for some visitors -My sister and brother-in law are visiting for the weekend -I hope everything goes ok.
Until next time -Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Erin MacPherson said...

Hey girl! You won my contest!! Please email me at and let me know your mailing address and what kind of coffee you want and what book you want.