Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday edition of Friday Five -TV Shows

There's so many things going on with my "showz" lately I have to talk er-uh write about it!

1. Lost -Final season! -Need I say more?! So far it seems more questions have come up than answers -But, I'm along for the ride- Exciting!!

2. Ugly Betty - As much as Lost's final season was expected -Unfortunately this will also be Ugly Betty's last season. It seems to me that's what happens a lot when they move shows around -Such as with Ugly Betty -Thurs. night to Fri. night, then to Wednesday night. Makes me wonder if networks sometimes do that on purpose to get rid of shows? Unfortunately I'm not all the way caught up myself partly because sometimes our ABC works fine and sometimes it doesn't and then I have to catch up online sometimes -Once I discover that my recording didn't work right. And not too mention all the moving around of the show-Urgh!

3. American Idol - The year of the celebrity guest judges on the road. And of course Paula is out and Ellen is in as Hollywood week starts. And now this appears to be Simon's last season too. It remains to be seen how it will go with all of those changes. So far so good for now...

4. The Bachelor -On the wings of Love: As nice guy Jake is back after not winning Bachelorette's Jillian's hand. He's dealing with the normal drama when a bunch of women fighting over 1 guy get together-But, who knew there'd be so much drama?! First time ever someone had to be kicked off because of an "inappropriate relationship" with a staff member!(they were fired too). And he finally kicked off "crazy eyes"-Before a rose ceremony. And now Ali had to choose between staying and losing her job. Or go back to work and miss out on Jake -Or does she?? Seems we'll see her again -Who knows what all is going to happen...

5. And in other Reality show news -Anyone catch the new one -Undercover Boss?

I love this show! Ok so I know I'm kinda a reality show junkie -But,I'm sure the network people also knew this would be perfect timing for this kind of show. Like most of your average hard-working middle class americans-This hits home. Like our economy in general you've got the "fat cat" CEO's and such living it up with their golden parachutes not understanding how it really is on "the front lines." Granted I am a SAHM now but, I did live in the corporate world once and disliked it -1 of the reasons I am a SAHM ;) Again I love the concept of the boss working undercover and seeing how their policies are implented. And finding out there's people like the woman who was doing the job of 3or4? Had family depending on her and her house up for sale because they couldn't afford it anymore- Overworked and Underpaid is the name of the game unfortunately for so many. Once the boss realizes things like that -They vow to make changes -I hope it does continue like that -Would be a good domino affect to have ;)

Oh and I can't wait for Survivor -Heroes Vs. Villians! Well,that's it for now -Until next time-Have a good day! :)


Lady Mama said...

I am loving Lost! I really think it's the best show ever to be on TV! And I love Ellen being a host on Idol - she makes the show so much more entertaining.

♥Georgie♥ said...

we watch a lot of the same shows...LOVE lost and undercover Boss was excellent...i cried!!!