Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow...

It seems like lately around these parts of Oklahoma there's been a lot of snow -In fact there has been a lot of snow! I know I heard on the news there 's a higher amount than normal but, now I can't remember specifics. You might remember me mention the Christmas Eve Blizzard of '09 -Here. And just a couple weeks ago we got some ice and snow -Some people were calling it the iceapalooza of 2010 -Saying it might be as bad as the ice storm of '07. Luckily it wasn't that bad and our powered stayed on this time. Here's some pics of the ice/snow about Jan. 29,2010:

1st the ice started then the snow came. The kids were out of school that Friday-And we all kinda hunkered down.
Then more snow came yesterday -Originally it was reported to start Sunday night-I was a little bit hoping for another snow day yesterday. But,it was just rain until after school started. Once it started snowing it came in huge fluffy flakes- A lot of people said it was like a giant feather pillow fight ;) It really started coming down and even started to stick but not for long-It all melted pretty fast- Darn-no snow day again! -I might've mention I'm not an early riser ;) But I did get a few pics before it all melted yesterday:
So, that's the snow we've gotten lately -And I wouldn't doubt if we had another round or so. -I say hurry up spring!

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