Friday, February 5, 2010

The Friday Five

In today's edition of The Friday Five -I'm taking inspiration from Facebook. You might occasionally see people have their status's as some kind of little game -For instance this week people looked up their name in and posted what it said-I thought that was pretty fun- So, here's 5 things related to this blog according to

1. Being a mommy blogger and the word mom being in my blog here's- Mom: The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.

2. Mayhem: Norweigan metal band. Famed more for stabbings than music.

I can assure you that my blog is not meant to be named after that ;) Just the occasional mom mayhem for me.

3. Blogger: In simple terms: Derived from weblogger, s.o. who keeps a weblog, a diary on the internet.

But, I have to warn you apparently people who've written on urbandictionary have drank the haterade about bloggers -Saying a lot of things like:

"Term used to describe anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives. Possibly the most annoying thing about bloggers is the sense of self-importance they get after even the most modest of publicity. Sometimes it takes as little as a referral on a more popular blogger's website to set the lesser blogger's ego into orbit."

Ouch! I say let's get some positive things on there-Bloggers unite!

4. Stay at Home Mom: At least there's some positive but, also some negative -Urgh! Here's some of what it says -

Simple version: A mother that stays at her home during the day. Unemployed, usually with the husband supporting the family. The main reason for being a stay-at-home mom is to raise children better.

I liked this 1-It was a bit lengthy so, I've cut some out: A woman who is capable of taking on children, home and husband. She is a strong woman who can handle anything that comes her way. Let me tell you, staying home with children 24/7, never being able to socialize with other adults without any children around is MUCH more exuasting. Most stay at home moms aren't rich. Sometimes it's cheaper to stay home than to pay for daycare.

And then some of the negatives: A stay at home mom is a white, upper middle class woman who: -thinks anything that is not white, upper middle class is inferior and/or evil
-thinks her children need her up their asses 24/7
-crucify working moms for not spending enough time with their children, but find it perfectly acceptable for a man to forgo time with their kids for their career (sexists hypocrites)
-max out their hubby's credit card at Talbot's, the hair salon, and buying a big ass SUV or mini van

Yikes! -That 1 was also lengthy so, I cut some out. Obviously there's some points I disagree with on that-again with the haterade.

5. And for the 1 that started it all -Looking up my name -Angela:

Small, short catlike person. Very easy to tease, but there's no reason to tease an Angela because they're very sweet. You can trust an Angela. Often, Angelas need a hug. Give your Angela a hug today.

I like that 1 -There's a few good ones -I also like this one:

a) Petite, hazel eyed young lady with a lovely smile and lovely body, who is nice to everyone she meets.

b) An amazing girlfriend

c) Pure sexiness in female form

So, that's it for today's Friday Five -Don't forget to Wear Red today and have a good weekend!

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