Monday, February 15, 2010

How was your Valentine's Weekend ?

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's weekend! Here's what we did Valentine's Day:Yep- We saw Mickey Mouse and the gang at Disney Live. Since my son's B-day is tomorrow we pretty much celebrated his birthday. We had his birthday party Saturday and everything. So, yeah didn't do the traditional V-day stuff this year. Normally I try to plan his B-day party for the weekend after V-day but, my SIL could only get off work this past weekend. As usual we plan for the in-laws to come from out of town. So,got the house clean and ready before their arrival -Fri. evening and they stayed until Sun. morning. So, we were busy with company too. I don't know for some reason everything seemed a bit off -Maybe because after all the planning my MIL actually didn't come -Just my SIL ,BIL , and Nephew. For now we just have a small family party for my son -So it's nice that his cousin could come to have another kid around. We were also planning to eat at maybe Shogun's but being V-day weekend they were all booked up. Then we kinda decided last minute to see the movie -Percy Jackson /Lightning Thief -So we rushed to make it after the B-day party-But, they were sold out -So,we got tickets for the next showing. In the meantime we found something close and fast to eat for dinner. And even though Fri. we (Hubby,Son,and I) ate lunch at P.F. Chang's and I picked up some chocolate covered strawberries I won from 918moms for an early V-day celebration- See:

But,my Valentine weekend just seemed kinda...Off. Not that I'm complaining it was nice and glad my son had a good birthday celebration.

So, how about you ? Oh and here's a pic of the Birthday spread:

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