Friday, January 8, 2010

The world according to my son

This is still a Friday Five post just -by my son. You see he loves to grab the camera and snap pics (1 of his new presents is a little camera.) A lot of times I delete the blurry pictures that he takes of his toys or other things around the house but,I recently kept some and now to share-The world according to my son- Friday Five...

1.A few toys -a ball,a puzzle,a helicopter,and a felt/book

2. A similar pic- just more of the book and in a blurrier version

3. A little plastic chair he has -that yes he put stickers all over it- Oh and also an upside down cowboy on the chair.

4. Another blurry picture -Can you tell what it is? -It's our Christmas tree and my husband would be so proud that he got a picture of one of the penguin ornaments :)


This picture always makes me grin and giggle a bit- It's a good picture of our cat =D

So,that's today's Friday Five brought to you today by my son. Hope everyone has a good weekend and stays warm! Schools here have been closed the past couple days because it's been so cold-you can always check out my latest Examiner articles if you want some indoor fun ideas or if you're around Tulsa info on local Children's Museums.
Ta Ta for now


Aspiring freelance writer said...

Hi! This is jenicoe2001 from eHow! Great blog and pictures! I added myself as a friend- please add yourself to my blog as well. :) I love the picture of your black and white (tuxedo) kitty! She looks so much like one of my very favorite cats I used to have- she just needs long hair! lol Great job! TTYS!!

Aspiring freelance writer said...

PS- I forgot! lOl I used to be stationed at Tinker A.F.B. I loved Oklahoma. I really miss it!! TTYS!!