Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Swine Flu has hit!

Well, it appears the swine flu,the piggy flu, the H1N1,the Heiny flu- whatever you want to call it is going strong. There's been many people everywhere getting it-Including my daughter. But, before you try to click off -Don't worry I'm sure the germys won't get to you through the internet ;)

So, it started Sun. night when she said she felt kinda dizzy before bed, but I tucked her in and told her to get a good night's sleep. Then monday morning she came in to wake me up and also waking up my son who sometimes slips into our bed late at night. So, she woke us up before the alarm was set to go off to say she didn't feel good. I took her temp -no temp. She had developed a cough and headache though -I gave her some over the counter kid's medicine and told her to go back to bed. And I'd call her school later ( it still wasn't going to open for another 1-2 hrs) So, then I attempted to lay down again with my son but, he was too restless then. After about 30mins we got up and started the day. And since we were going to be home I used up the rest of the pancake batter in the fridge from the weekend. After I made pancakes I woke my daughter up and we all ate. Not that the kids really appreciated that I'd cooked -I begged my son to eat a little bit before I got him the cereal that apparently he really wanted to eat. I called her school then showered and we continued our day. Occasionally checking my daughter's temp. and giving her medicine. We just chillaxed,ate microwave popcorn,watched TV. Once my hubby was home we ate soup and grilled cheese for dinner. Tuesday she still wasn't feeling good and this time my husband was waking me up to tell me this before he left for work -again before the alarm was set to go off- Urgh! Luckily this time my son went back to sleep for a little while. Once we got up about 7:15am I checked her temp. -she did have a little fever. Once we got settled for breakfast I called her school again. I also called the Dr. -I know for me 1 day of not feeling well,no school is ok to chillax but second day -Your going to the Dr. The Dr. had an afternoon appt. we took. Once we were at the Dr's they did a flu test which came back positive -Yeah that was Um -Interesting - The nurse told my daughter -Make some snot! LOL Anyways the Dr. later explained that 98% of the "flu" they're seeing is the H1N1-So most likely what she has-Ugh. We knew she was to stay home Wednesday also so luckily no interruptions in my sleep-Yay! And once we were up (about 7:30am) did the normal breakfast-yada,yada. Called her school again and got their fax #, called the Dr's to fax over something to the school. Then again I gave her over the counter medicine,checked her temp-it was gone -yay!,kept her hydrated,and tried to quarantine her somewhat.

For us the swine flu was not all that much worse than the regular flu -etc. Today she's back to school. And I'm hoping that the rest of the household doesn't get it. Especially while my hubby will be out of town starting Sunday. So that's our swine flu story :)

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