Friday, October 16, 2009

The Friday Five -The Fair edition

Around here the Fair has just came and went. And we went last weekend- I planned to take lots of pics. but, the batteries went out on the camera AND the extra batteries I had were also bad :(
But, I did get a few pics in at least. Anyways so here's 5 things we did/saw at the Fair...

1. Of course as soon as we got there we let the kids do some rides:

2. Then of course we ate and ate some more- I had to get a Turkey Leg,My husband had to get an Indian Taco,My son had to get a Corn Dog,My daughter had to get a Blue Rasperry Lemonade and of course we all shared with each other.-Mmmm!

3. We walked around a lot -Saw "Tiny Tina" a tiny woman that that you could pay a $1 to see in true carnie fashion-after standing in line by the "Tiny Tina" exhibit for awhile -Curiosity got the best of us ;) We walked thru some of the buildings-Mostly trying find the "Just for Kids" place. couldn't find it -saw nice views of the fair though:

4. We rode some of the bigger -adult type rides. At least me,my daughter, and sister did.

5. While we were on the Ferris Wheel and got a bird's eye view of the Fair we saw where the Kid's Place was so before we left we checked that out. There were some cool stuff like this huge Sand Sculpture -I couldn't get a pic. -My sister got this one with her phone and I just got it:

So, that was some of what all we did at the Fair. I'm glad we got to go mostly cause I got some tickets thru Ttownmoms-Yay! So ho w about you? Do have a fair near you-Did you go? What all did you do/see?
Well, Hope everyone has a good weekend! Until next time.

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Anonymous said...

Here is another post about Tina Tina at the NC State Fair along with some pictures and videos