Friday, October 9, 2009

The Friday Five

Here the weather is getting cold- You can just feel the fall crispness in the air. Fall -it's a great time of the year! Which brings me to today's Friday Five... 5 things we've done to get ready for fall here:

1. Since the weather has been pretty cold into the 40's-50's- Brrr! I pulled out some of the winter clothes.

2. Of course cooler weather means some great fall food like -We've recently made Chili

3. And I've made some Chicken Tortilla Soup -twice now -Yumm!

4. Getting ready to go to some Fall attractions - Hopefully going to the Fair this weekend!

5. And although we haven't gotten out all our Halloween decorations yet -there's that too and of course going to get a pumpkin soon. Which by the way for anyone that reads this and is near Tulsa -I made a list of local pumpkin patches -etc. on 1 of my Examiner articles HERE and I plan to have more Halloween articles out soon :)

So, that's it for today's Friday Five -Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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