Friday, October 2, 2009

The Friday Five ; Weird News

You know one thing I like to read about ? Weird News! So, that's what today's Friday Five is about. 5 weird news things I have recently read...

1. Gotta love news about kitties so have you heard about GLAMOURPUSS -The enchanting world of kitty wigs ?? They just came out with a book! I think these pics are funny and help cheer a person up =D Here's an example of what you might see:See told you - Pretty funny =D

2. And speaking of cats there's a cat that was born around the same time I was! Which makes for a pretty old cat -30 yrs. old. Even though that is old -apparently the oldest cat on record was a 38 yr. old cat. This 30 yr. old cat has had some problems in her old age -Like with hearing and seeing -But, what can you expect for cat named Caterack ;) You can read more about this story HERE

3. From cats to fish -Did you hear about the couple that was fighting so the woman fried up the man's 7 pet goldfish?! Oh and she actually ate 3 of them!! -Yuck! Wow!-Here's more about that story.

4. Ok how about this one-Just reading about it today... A college (University of Florida ) removed a Zombie plan from website. Apparently some employee put it up as a joke amongst the other disaster preparedness plans -You can read more about that Here.

5. Ok and last but not least in weird celebrity news -I was also just reading about David Letterman was involved in an blackmail/extortion plot. David Letterman was going to be blackmailed. So, he announced on his show with jokes sprinkled in about some allegations are true -Like having sexual relations with female employees of his show! For some reason to me he's always given off that creepy uncle vibe -If you know what I mean. Not to make light of this but, the whole situation is weird/interesting that it's coming out because of blackmail supposedly from another CBS employee. Anyways you can read more about it HERE -There may even be more news coming out soon about it.

Well, that's the Friday Five for today -Have a good weekend!!

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