Friday, September 25, 2009

The Friday Five

The fall season of TV is here ! There's so many shows I want to watch! I almost always record them and watch when I can -I can be behind a lot =P But, here's 5 shows I will be trying to catch up on that have started their new season or soon will:

1. You know I love the Reality shows! ;) So gotta have Survivor -I've actually been keeping up with these so far -Urgh! That Russell!
2. So Thursday is a big night! Not only is there Survivor there's also Grey's Anatomy(I haven't watched it yet):

3. Also on Thursday is of course- The Office! (I haven't watched these yet either though):

4. After The Office is a new show- Community. I watched the 1st episode and it was pretty funny (Gotta love Joel McHale) so, it's one of the only "new" shows I'll try to squeeze in:
5. Even though it hasn't started the new season yet, It soon will! -Desperate Housewives:

So there you have today's Friday Five! So many good TV shows on -So, little time. Hopefully I can catch up some this weekend. Hope you have a good weekend too- Until next time :)

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I'm with you on survivor - and I'm a little surprised Russel wasnt voted out actually. Usually when some makes so many alliances with everyone so fast, they are gone.

Maybe it just looked like hes doing that with editing, or something but