Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family outings around Tulsa

The past week or so we've been out and about, here and there. And I was just thinking about sharing some of what we did. Labor Day weekend we kinda chillaxed some -trying not to succumb too much to the cold that seemed to be invading our house. But, Labor Day we went to Kaleidoscope Children's Museum. This actually makes our second trip there since we went in the summer with Ttownmoms. And we went again since I won a fall pass w/Ttownmoms-Yay! So to tell you a little bit about our experiences -The 1st time I was not too impressed. The little grocery store and some of that is pretty cool. And when we discovered the other side of the buliding we were like- Oh good there's more! Labor day the kids had fun playing on the stage. Both times we've been the kids liked the playhouse. And they also liked the room with the jungle gym-etc. But, you must wear socks! We had no idea the 1st time and it was summer and weren't wearing socks-(Shh!-They played a little bit before I actually noticed the sign about socks). The 2nd time we were prepared! The other rooms were ok again not too impressed. I had a hard time putting my finger on what all exactly I didn't like-Just for some reason it didn't meet my expectations. My husband made a good observation-He said he wouldn't necessarily call it a children's museum but, more an indoor play place. Also it's more for younger kids my daughter had some fun but, also mentioned it was kinda "cheap" -the grocery store stuff-etc. Which I can see the catch 22 letting kids play but, not letting everything get trashed in the process. I would also say that it is a bit overpriced considering the fall pass we got is worth $75 just for fall when we got a yearly zoo membership for about $50-$60. But, if you want to check it out for yourself they do have a special price of $5 admission for Parents and Kids until Sept. 30!

Which brings me to the next thing we did- last Thursday night was a special members night at the Tulsa Zoo. Like it has been lately around Tulsa it was kinda rainy but, luckily cleared off in time to head out that way. I was thinking maybe there wouldn't be a lot of people but I guess they were all thinking the same thing -Because it was packed!! It was fun though seeing the animals that were "out" with the handlers. Seeing special things like the penguins getting fed,the sea lion demonstration,petting a kangaroo! And that's just what we saw- there were other things but,we didn't make it to everything. We got their about 6pm and left about 7:30 (It ran 5:30-8pm) So overall as always the zoo was great! Just kinda muggy and looked like it was about to rain again-So we left.

The last thing we did is this past weekend we headed out to Chandler Park and see about the Kings of Champion Medieval Faire. (I do miss going to the Renaissance Faire-We haven't been in a few years) But, again it was a little rainy so maybe that's why it seemed a little- blah ? I guess I can't complain too much for a free event but, of course to get in is free and THEN everyone wants you to buy stuff-Ugh! That is mostly what was there people selling their wares. The only thing we did do is go on the pirate ship tour -Which of course cost a pretty penny. But, it was kinda cool,informative. After that it started sprinkling pretty good so we were done -We headed out. I like to think it was more of a mini-adventure to head to REALLY west Tulsa(across the river) Is it even considered Tulsa ?? Anyways so that in itself was kinda cool to take a little adventure.
And that's a few things we've done recently. If anyone has any other reviews-etc. Feel free to leave a comment.

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