Friday, September 18, 2009

The Friday Five

As I mentioned in my previous post we've been on a few family outings recently. One being the Tulsa Zoo member's night. Which brings me to today's friday five...5 pictures of animals I took at the zoo (I have many,many pictures from various trips to the zoo) but, these are ones I just took on our latest trip last week...
1. A Parrot that was out with 1 of the zookeepers:
2. This Tiger was actually walking around (a lot of times they're sleeping):

3. Penguins -The zookeeper was feeding and talking about them:

4. The Sea Lions -They had a cool demonstration -Did some tricks and everything:

5. Kangaroo -My daughter got to pet a different one:
And that's it for today's Friday Five -Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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