Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Warning!- A cranky rant: There's so many things-1st of all clothes-Urgh! I hate trying to find things that fit just right. And I don't know about you but, I don't have a lot of bras -I have a few but there's my favorite one that fits just right,an older one that's a little tight, a newer one but after awhile it just bugs. But, now my favorite one -the underwire starting poking out-ouch! I just recently bought that other one but I don't like it that well-And bras can be kinda expensive-Urgh! But, I guess I'm gonna have to go shopping again soon. Which sucks cause the finances have been low since having to get new tires on my hubby's car last week(see post here)- Urgh!

And another Urgh! -How do all you other moms -especially SAHMs get things done like going to the Dr? I usually have to ask my hubby to take off work. I tried to go last week when he took time off to get tires on his car-etc. But, my Dr. seems to hardly have open appts. So,I went today for my knee that's been hurting and other stuff that's TMI ;) My hubby was able to take a few hours off without using his paid time off. But, I knew it would be hard to squeeze it in within in that time. I got to the Dr.'s a little early in hopes they would see me sooner but, no they got to me about 20mins after my appt. time. I then waited in the room about another 30mins after the nurse came in -for the Dr. And then of course the Dr. takes about 15min or so to actually see me. So I was finally done about an hour and a half later! I called my hubby to see if we were going to pick up something for lunch and if I should go to the pharmacy now or later. I was kinda hoping we could all grab something for lunch (maybe while we were waiting on the prescriptions or something) But, alas it was already past time for him to go back to work. I rushed home -they already ate some sandwiches. It was kinda late-we usually eat lunch about 11-11:30 and it was almost 12:30. So, I had my hubby warm up some leftovers for me and then he was gone-Before I could even sit down to eat! I tried to get my son to sit in the kitchen and share my food-but, he didn't go for that. I just scarfed it down since he was running around-causing trouble. (which isn't too much different that any other day I suppose ;)
I guess I just feel kinda Urgh-Oh! the Mom Mayhem :) So that's my rant -Thanks for listening -Er,Um- reading.

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