Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I know I haven't been around the blogosphere much lately -I apologize. But,there are reasons that I've been a little preoccupied and feeling a little -Ugh ...

It all started last Thursday morning when I noticed the air-conditioner wasn't working well. I called my husband who called our warranty people while we went to the park-etc. When we got back home it was up into the 80's in the house -I got the fans out and talked to my husband again -he said the soonest they could get someone out is Monday -5days! Later when my husband got off work him and a coworker looked at a few things with the air-conditioner -they put in a new filter -etc. We even left the air-conditioner off overnight to see if the in-line pipe needed to defrost -Still no luck.
Friday I was planning to get things ready for a garage sale anyways so, that's primarily what we did. I guess the ironic part is we have a window unit in the garage so, it was cooler in there while we were getting things organized.
Saturday we had the garage sale -we did pretty well -I figured most of it would go to the deductible/co-pay for the air-conditioner repair now though.
Sunday I thought it would be a good idea to see Toy Story 3 since we did have a free ticket from buying Toy Story 2 and it would be somewhere cool to go. But,before we went my sister called with computer problems. We all went over there to be in her air-conditioning while my husband fixed her computer. It took longer than expected -a few hours. We had to rush to see the 3:45 showing of the movie -It was a pretty good movie though. Then we picked up some food to eat and made our way back home.
Monday -Finally the repairman came around 11:30am. He had to go get the part -etc. and would be back -It was also then that we argued with our warranty people. They were saying since we had the access panel -etc. off they weren't going to cover it- What?! The tech. said the problem was the motor and we assured him and our warranty people we did not touch the motor! They were trying to say we messed it up somehow- When we didn't! Obviously we wouldn't mess with a working air-conditioner in the middle of summer in Oklahoma! We only tried a few simple trouble-shooting things after we called them and after they said it would be 5 days before they could get someone out! So, instead of it costing less than $100 it costs over $350! I am so mad at American Home Shield right now! -I already talked to a supervisor,put in a complaint via consumer complaint website, and sent them a letter. I have also since learned they have a history of denying claims they should cover -there was even a class action suit against them because of that! If you have American Home Shield -Be Warned!!
So, I've been dealing with all that...
Today I was getting out of the funk -I got up - Checked a few things on the computer and was thinking I might do something different for breakfast -Maybe blend a smoothie or cook some eggs and ham - Until ... Everything flickered a couple times and then the power went out -The 1st thought I had was - Great -we do need to pay them. I had to search for flashlights -etc. Finally found them and found an electric bill -We do need to pay them but,it's due today -not late yet so, it shouldn't be turned off. (Since the air-conditioner repair took all our $ -We'll have to pay it Friday) so, I called the outage in. The kids had cereal -I thought well, I'll have my usual bagel -but, Ugh -I can't even toast it- So, I had an untoasted bagel. Then it's like Hmmm -Can't get on the computer/internet,don't have the cool air-conditioning we just got fixed,can't even have fans going -So many things you can't do when the electric isn't working -Urgh! Then a little bit later the power came on- I guess it was only out for about an hour -But, it was a horrible way to start the day - Just Ugh!

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