Monday, June 7, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Who were you in high school ?

For today's MckLinky Monday the ladies at RHOK ask -Who were you in high school? Well, that is a very hard question to answer!
Nostalgic of the movie Clueless you could almost see the different groups around high school. I found that I never did fit into 1 particular group - I was never the athletic/cheerleader type, never "cool" or rich enough to be a prep, I sure wasn't the wild/par-tay type,didn't exactly fit in with the goths,and not a SK8R type either - I was just me.
Jr. High was a horrible awkward phase I guess I was kinda nerdy-I didn't have a lot of friends. But, by highschool I was growing out of my awkward phase I even made some friends that had went to the other Jr. High in town- so I didn't know them before. I met a certain girl in which we became fast friends -We both lived with our dads and we're both petite (I remember how we could at 1 time swap our size 1-2 clothes- she could probably still fit them now even after 2 kids -me,not so much ;) Anyways so, I met my new friend and even though I was a newcomer to her group- I eventually became part of their clique. Like Miss Priss I mostly remember about my group of friends -unlike Miss Priss I was and still am 1 of the shortest gals around ;)
So, yep high school I remember my friends,boys,school, and entering the working world. And it was mostly good times. And going back to the original question -Who was I in high school? Well, like I say I didn't fit into any particular group -Although I did have acquaintances in all different kinds. I mostly hung out with my little group though. Sometimes we'd go to the skating rink or cruising around or just hang out. I was pretty much a "good girl" going to church with my friends. Though being in a group there were the more "wild" ones and I did go to the occasional party too. So many different stories -so many changes in those years. 1 of the main things that changed was that in the summer after my junior year my dad had to move for a job -over 300 miles away! I moved that summer too -my boyfriend at the time did come to visit. But, I couldn't bear going to a different school for my Senior year! After I finally had friends, a boyfriend and I would be graduating and everything! After much arguing about how I could live with my friend -my dad finally agreed not that I could live with my friend but, with my grandma. So, I lived with her my senior year as I probably mentioned before -it was quite the transition. I was glad to be back with my friends and my boyfriend even if we did eventually break up. That year I started working too -My 1st job I got thanks to my friends at least 2 or 3 of them had previously worked at that little Tastee Foods place and 1 of them still worked there when I did. I got rides with her some-but,also took a cab a lot too -which took most of my $- I eventually decided it wasn't worth it. After I got a car and everything I got my 2nd job at Sirloin Stockade. Like I say a lot of changes -especially after I graduated. I can't find a lot of pictures but here's one of some of my friends:
3 out these 5 people got pregnant soon after high school -Including me. I know quite the shock for a lot of people that the "good girl" got pregnant. Another story for another time I suppose. But, I'm glad I had my friends to bond over having babies and "baby daddy" issues. And I'm glad that over 10 years later most of us are still friends. Even if we don't talk much now -when we do we bond over kids,and marriages,and just life in general. Yep highschool was ok for me -How about you?


Beth said...

Sounds like more good memories than bad and it's super cool that you have maintained contact with those friends. I don't know where any of mine are.

Dawn said...

Angela, I enjoyed reading about your high school years.

I'm sure it was tough when your dad moved away.

Isn't it funny that we think our first real boyfriend will be who we marry? I guess for some that may actually be true.

Thanks for linking up today!

~Mrs. Albright

Jill of All Trades said...

Hey, I worked at Sirloin Stockade when in high school too.