Monday, June 21, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Mommy and Daddy switched places

On today's MckLinky Monday with the RHOK they want to know -What would it be like if mommy and daddy switched places?I've always found this a fascinating subject -delving into the differences between women and men -and more specifically Moms and Dads in this case.
I can tell you 1 thing that even though I'm a Stay at home mom -I certainly do not take on ALL the domestic duties ala 50's homemaker style. When my husband gets home he doesn't find me in an apron finishing up a gourmet meal for dinner with 1 hand and his slippers waiting for him in the other hand. Nope, not my style for sure! It's mostly the "team" approach to household duties around here. Anyways back to the question ...

Well, of course the summer and school schedules are different. But, if I had to switch places the summer schedule wouldn't mean much -still have to get up at 5:30am to get ready for work -except for the weekends. While if my husband was lucky he might get to sleep in till 6:30 or even luckier till about 7:30am. My husband has always been more the early riser -if I were like him I'd be getting to work early sometimes even a good 30 minutes or so early -Just about the time the spouse at home is getting up. If I was in his place I'd be starting my work day while he'd be inevitably be getting woke up by our son to start the day at home. My work day would be full of emails,meetings,and computer problems to fix. His day would be full of getting meals/snacks together,cleaning up messes, and providing entertainment for the kids -hopefully something educational along the way. My lunch break would include whatever catered meal they have at work that day -while chatting with my co-workers. His meal would probably be scarfing down leftovers or PB&J sandwiches with the kids. Unless they were out and about maybe for a Dr's appt or something then they might get treated to a meal out to eat. After lunch it's back to work for the both of us. Also hopefully some time to chat with people. At work I could actually talk to other people in the room I mean actual real grown-ups! While my husband might chat with someone via FB,email, or maybe do some blogging. Finally closing in on the end of the work day I come home. My husband is happy to see me after his day dealing with the kids. Hopefully we get a little down time-Before we figure out the dinner situation-etc. I might have to go mow the yard while he figures out dinner -he'd probably pick Taco Bueno again (He's such a Bueno head!) No matter how I wouldn't mind a hearty dinner salad. After dinner I'd do the dishes and again we'd hopefully have some more down time. Later -I'd probably give my husband a break and take over some of the "night time" duties like give our son a bath-etc. Then we'd tuck the kids into bed. Then Ahww- finally some time off from the kids! If I was like my husband I'd be playing WOW and if he was like me he'd watch some TV or write a rough draft of an Examiner article or play on Facebook (or do all 3) until it was time to go to bed. I'd probably go to bed a little earlier than my husband since I do have to get up at 5:30 and start the day all over again tomorrow!

A day in the life would go something like that -if we switched places around here :) BTW awhile back I did read some articles about a couple that did switch places called Freaky Fortnight -Interesting indeed!


Baloney said...

Your day doesn't sound half bad!

ShaRhonda said...

I like your day!!! Very true about the non 50's style. That's why I said mine wouldn't be much different!

momof3girls said...

real face time with other adults is such a special & valuable commodity for a stay at home mom! Who knew it was so important to all of us - glad I am not alone!

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

I find the tag-team approach fascinating. We really do tend to be more like the 1950's style couple in that I do all the domestic chores and I do mean ALL of them. We decided early on that he would take care of the outside and I would take care of the inside. Sometimes, especially when I'm exhausted or stressed, this bites me on the behind! He never fixes dinner, does laundry or dishes - but then again I never mow the lawn. :-)

Thanks for playing along!

~~Mrs. Nesbitt