Monday, November 1, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Family History

Today on the RHOK -We're talking family histories -And want know about yours...

For me -as my dad always says -I'm a Heinz 57 -I got a little bit of a lot of things ;) I believe I've got some Irish,French,German, and Indian (card carrying Cherokee -In fact :)

On my paternal side my Grandpa and his family were known pretty well in early Muskogee days. My Grandma -was an only child;her mother(my great-grandma) owned a big house in Muskogee in which she would rent out rooms sometimes. My Grandma was pretty interested in genealogy and I know she passed down a lot of research/papers to my dad and uncles. Unfortunately I'm drawing a blank on a lot of that -I know there were a few unsavory characters though ;)

On my maternal side -I'm a little fuzzy on my Grandpa and his family -(He died when my mom was pregnant with me-BTW) I do know that is where I get my Cherokee though. My Grandma however has told a lot of stories about growing up during the great depression and how her and her big family of brothers and sisters helped worked the family's farm in rural Oklahoma. I even remember going out that way to visit family -including my great grandmother before she passed away.

Beyond that -I'm not exactly sure where I get all of my "flavors".

How about you? be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday with the RHOK!


Baloney said...

My husband doesn't seem to think my Cherokee heritage counts since I'm such a paleface. Lol.

MommaAmma said...

You can't live in OK and not have some native in you right? I think it's a law.

I stay away from geneology because the last thing I want to uncover are nasty ghosts!