Friday, December 11, 2009

The Friday Five..

As I've probably mentioned that I love Christmas and decking the halls for it too! :) So, today's Friday Five is some of our Christmas decorations here at my house...

1. Some of the outside decorations:This is in our front yard - We have to have a penguin according to my husband (If you understood his love for Linux and their mascot it makes sense ;)

2. The Wreath on our front door:
Sorry it's kind of dark -It was last night when I actually thought about taking a picture of it =D

3. Our Christmas Tree:
This picture was actually taken a couple of years ago-it's the same tree we still have-I just love this picture though :)

4. Our mantel:

If you put the 2 together- Voila! There's the mantel! As you can see the left side has Mr. and Mrs. Claus a Pinecone Christmas tree my daughter made a few years ago,a little jar of berries-etc. from outside, and some other things like a clock and my husband's navy picture(from before I met him). The right side has a Waterglobe,Nativity scene,and our Stocking holders-I haven't put our stockings up yet. Oh and I just love the mantel covering (whatever the offiicial name for that is?) It has little lights too-But, I didn't have it on.

5. On top of our entertainment center:

As you might be able to tell a lot of nick-nacks or is it knick-knacks?! -There's the Christmas Carousel-I didn't turn it on but it lights up,moves,and plays music! I did turn on the Snowman that lights up and changes color. There's also santa and lots of angels!

So there's alot of our Christmas decor-Hope you've got your halls all decked out for Christmas!

Until next time -Have a happy weekend!

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