Friday, December 18, 2009

The Friday Five...

I know I already did a Christmas song/video Friday Five -But, I really can't pick just 5! So, here once again in no particular order are 5 of my favorite Christmas songs with videos:

1. Because you know I gotta show a house with lights synchronized to music (maybe one of these days we'll actually get our house like that ;) And of course because I like this song -(I was actually trying to find a version by Lonestar that I really like) but, Bob Seger works too -the Little Drummer Boy:

2. Paul McCarney's -Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime:

3. John Lennon's So this is Christmas(War is Over):

4. And we can't have the Beatles from across the pond without having the King of America -The King of Rock N Roll that is - Elvis's Blue Christmas:

5. Although I ♥ Elvis(Hope to visit Graceland one of these days)-I hope there are no Blue Christmases out there- So,I want to wish you a Merry Christmas in Espanol that is - Feliz Navidad:

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