Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cats! And I'm not talking the musical...

Although I did see that musical when I was younger and liked it and of course I like cats in general - But, as you may recall over the summer I had a stray cat hang around and then she had kittens!
I've been trying to get rid of them ever since -and let me tell you it's been a journey! I avoided the craigslist option because I really hate giving random people my info. -it's hard enough to share my info. with people from facebook and via posters placed in a few places especially when say I'd give someone my address and then they don't come to see the kitties - so many calls/interest but, so little people actually taking the kitties! Last Thursday I even spent some $ to get the mom cat spayed so, we didn't have more kitties running around and then I got a call 1st from a lady who said she'd give my info. to her friend that could probably help- her friend called later... she basically runs a cat rescue -I told her the mama cat was currently at the vet -she wanted to look at the kittens though -since they were out in the backyard I rounded them up and brought them in- trying to keep them in 1 area-which wasn't that easy. And finally the lady called back saying she couldn't make it afterall - She did agree to bring a big cage the next day- Friday and take the mom and 3 kittens (We kept 1). She did in fact come and take them -until... later that day she called saying she already found a home for 2 of them and her friend is watching the other kitten but, she got a call to go out of town because of her sick mom and asked if I could watch the mama cat for awhile longer since she's still healing and everything -I agreed -so, right now still have the mama cat and the kitty we're keeping and of course the cat and dog we've had for about 8 yrs. But, wait that's not all! Also Friday about 9 at night I got a call from my sister who's out of town for training with her job she's had a friend check on her cats -3 of them (she took 1 of the kittens I had), Another 1 of her cats she's had awhile, and then a really old 1 that was inherited from our grandma - The really old cat -died! And she wanted us to go get the dead cat and bury it our yard -she was a little upset and everything -so, finally agreed to get the cat -we opted to not try to bury it at 10 at night and kept it in a tote until burying it Sat. -So, yeah pretty crazy - Ever feel like your on some crazy sitcom?! So, that's how it's been going around here. It hasn't all been a crazy year -some good things, some not so good things -Surviving -How's it going with you?

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