Friday, November 6, 2009

The Friday Five

1st I hope everyone had a good Halloween and all. Did you dress up? Your kids ? -What did they dress up as? My kids were a Cowboy and Cowgirl. We had a fun Halloween it was nice weather so we actually went Halloween afternoon to Boo Haha (an annual Halloween tradition here) And in the evening went trick or treating of course :)
Well, onto the Friday Five -I love music! And similar to what I've done before I have just added some new songs to my Ipod so here's some tunes from Ipod for today's friday 5...

1. I just added Kings of Leon - "Use Somebody" I think it's also cool that part of the band is from Oklahoma! :)

2. I also just added Owl City "Firelies" My daughter also got this song -it seemed pretty clean -I'm hoping there's no hidden meaning that I don't know that would be inapproriate for her.

3. I also added -Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feeling" My daughter wanted that song too -But, didn't think some of the lyrics were good for her so I said no. We looked at some of the other "clean" version but, she didn't want those.

4. Continuing with the Black Eyed Pes -Gotta love em! "Boom Boom Pow" - It's so funny -My son loves to sing the "Gotta get that -Boom Boom" part -He's so cute when he does that.

5. And now for a completely random -shuffled song from my Ipod -Regina Spektor "On the Radio " I love that song-I'm glad it went to that I haven't heard it in awhile.

Well, that's it for today's Friday Five - Have a good weekend!!

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Tasha said...

Gotta love Kings of Leon. Always a good listen.