Friday, November 20, 2009

The Friday Five - Twilight Saga Edition

Twilight Saga!- Ok so you are probably either doing an excited happy dance reading those words or rolling your eyes ;)
I know, I know I was reluctant to get in on the whole "Twilight Phenomenon" but finally got into it - So, in honor of New Moon - Here's the Friday Five...

1. So, as I mentioned it took me awhile to get into the Twilight Saga - I was at my in-law's and my sis/brother in law were so excited to get their copy of the Twilight movie so,we all watched it. I was curious about the whole thing anyways. I thought the movie was ok -But, then I wanted to read the books. So, my sis in law let me borrow theirs. -From there I was "bitten" as some might say ;)

2. It seems just about everybody says the book was better than the Twilight movie. And from what I understand the 1st movie was kinda thrown together and put out there -Without knowing how it would do. So, now that they know how successful the whole thing is they have gotten a different director and New Moon has more special effects-etc. The director of Twilight was Catherine Hardwicke and the director of New Moon is Chris Weitz.

3. As you probably know the author of the Twilight saga books is Stephenie Meyer. I just love how she was a stay at home mom and had this dream which inspired her to write the books. Similarly to the author of the Harry Potter books -J.K. Rowling. I think as all stay at home moms and especially those interested in writing -would all dream of having some kind of almost divine inspiration to write something like that! Some people have criticized Stephenie and may not even understand how so many people love the books -like "Twilight Moms" . Which yes she may not be "the best" writer I did notice a few mistakes myself - I know I'm interested in writing but, not always grammaticly correct. But, I guess that's why I'll never be too much of a "grammar snob" =D But, really isn't that the point of reading/movies -etc. is to find yourself immersed into a different world? And that's probably why so many people like the books-etc. Say for instance a mom like myself may like just being able to pick up a book and escape the housework-etc. for a little while :)

4. Another reason -I've been getting so excited lately is because I've been playing a game/puzzle online for New Moon prizes -1st you could win a ticket to the premiere -But, now of course that is passed. Now, you can play to win a new Volvo car!! Basically there's different puzzles you have to solve and the 1st one to complete all of them -Wins! Have you heard of this? Anyone been playing? You can go HERE and play! If anyone is playing maybe we can help each other out :)

5. Ok unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard...
New Moon is out -Today! Are you going? I am -later -Can't wait!

Feel free to leave a comment are you excited? Or rolling your eyes about it all? Why?why not?

Hope everyone has a good weekend! - until next time :)

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