Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to School Bonanza

It's almost that time of year again-Back to School! We've been getting prepared since school starts here-Next week! I know it seems kinda early-Huh?! I remember when school would start late August- almost Sept. now it's just been creeping up earlier and earlier!

So here we go again shopping the aisles amidst the blue,black,and red pens. Trying to find the wide ruled paper in what seems a never-ending sea of college ruled -I mean really! Where is the dang wide-ruled paper?! =D I know it took us a few trips to the store to finally find some and when we saw a few lone packages of wide-ruled paper-We snatched it up! =D
Now today we just got my daughter's school schedule -we figured out what "group" she's in. And walked to all her classes-Ah -yep the start of different classes in Middle School. I think we got most things figured out-Of course there's still a few things she'll have to figure out once school actually starts. And I'm glad we went after my hubby got home since I am admittedly directionally challenged and got turned around a few times ;)
All in all so far so good -Now just have to shop some more because of course after the initial School Supply list there's a few additional items we just became aware of while getting her schedule- So still getting there -Trying to survive the Mayhem ;)

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