Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last days of Summer

The end of summer is here and it's always so bittersweet! I've noticed the different ways I see it when I was working and now a Stay-at-home mom. When I was working it was like -Yay! Back to a schedule/not having to worry about finding summer childcare. Now being at home -it's like -Ugh! Back to a schedule/Having to get up early again =D So here we are again and going to have to get up even earlier now that middle school starts earlier.

And thinking about what all has or has not been accomplished during the summer. I always have big plans to do a lot of Crafty things and get organized but, it rarely happens like that. And I think about all we DID accomplish -Like finally taking a good family vacation-Yay! (see Atlanta vacation back in June),some fun food experiments making our own popsicles-etc,making Amish friendship bread, Cooking more in general as in "Real" breakfasts-etc.,going around town experiencing new things,going swimming a few times,and general summer hanging out. All in all not too bad. But now it's the Last days of Summer *Sigh*


DeAnna said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by Write Moms and leaving a comment. Came over to catch up on your blog.

Crystall said...

I think the end of summer brings mixed emotions here at our home. Happy to get into a school program for my oldest...sad not to have his help with my other two.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Wow, you know I was thinking kind of like this recently because my son graduated high school last year and its the first year I don't have to get supplies and worry about the school thing...well the public school thing...and I don't know.. its so weird!