Friday, August 21, 2009

The Friday Five

Before I get to the Friday Five I wanted to mention that you may have noticed a new badge over there ----> for Examiner ! Yes I'm excited to announce that I have an ongoing gig to write articles for them as the Tulsa Frugal Family Examiner! Please read my articles-you can even subscribe to get emails when I write a new 1 (Probably a couple times a week). The more people that read them the more $ I get! And if anyone is interested in becoming an Examiner you can see if there's any open position you like and apply online and please put me down on the reference part so I get the referral bonus. Ok so after you read the friday five check it out! -You can even see my "real identity" ;)

Now for the Friday Five -5 funny things my son has said/done recently...

1. The other night we had 1 of our usual dinners- Taquitos and we usually have Mexican rice to go with it. Unfortunately when we were at the store they didn't have that kind or another kind we were looking for- So we got dirty rice. While we were eating dinner my daughter asked "What kind of rice is this?" We said "Dirty rice" Then my son didn't want to try it because - "It's dirty" We then called it - Clean rice ;)

2. My son and I were out in the backyard when he said he'd "be right back he had to get something" I thought he was getting a popsicle but he grabbed a metal spatula and said "I got a garden dig thing" I guess it did kinda look like a garden spade

3. We've still been trying to get my son all potty trained -he has been doing really good lately! But, he seems to alternate saying "I don't want to wear underwear -I don't want to be a big boy"

4. And sometimes he gets excited saying "I'm a big boy-I got underwear-See!"

5. And it's so cute/funny when he notices how other people or even pets go potty -In fact the other day my son said "Shadow a big boy- he went pee and poop in the cat potty!" Shadow being our pet cat of course. =D

And that's it for the Friday Five until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Love Friday Five! We also have to have clean rice. My girls will not eat any type of rice other than plain white. Not even one speck of brown or tomatoes!