Friday, July 31, 2009

The Friday Five...

I wanted to start something new called- The Friday Five! It will be 5 things about a certain random topic.

Today I wanted to share five random things that people may or may not already know about me....

1. I love chocolate -Yum!!

2. I love TV especially that "junk" called Reality TV =D

3. Yes-that means I totally loved the 1st "Real World" which started my guilty pleasure of reality TV and I just got done watching the Bachelorette ;)

4. I love to take pictures! -Here's a couple of my "best shots"

(These are flowers from a tree in my backyard. I kept trying to get pics of the bees-etc. around them. I finally got a good 1! )

5. I love writing and sharing my thoughts-Part of the reason I started this blog -of course :)


antoon said...

Great idea... The Friday Five! I like it!

Annita said...

About the first Real World, I loved it too! I still google the cast sometimes to see what they're up to. Should I have admitted