Thursday, July 16, 2009

Middle School Worries

It seems like just yesterday that I sent my daughter off to Kindergarten. But, today I sent her off to middle school for their "moving up" day. They have a day in the summer to get used to their new school and learn about opening lockers with combination locks and all-I never did like those things.
It just all makes me kind of emotional-My little girl is growing up!
And I have these anxieties about-Middle School. We might let her ride the bus and everything-I have anxieties about that. I have anxieties about homework-What if I can't help her?! I have anxieities about her getting interested in boys. And I guess the whole puberty thing in general.

I'm sure she'll be ok. As usual I'm the worried overprotective parent. I asked her if she took a tour today?- She said "Yeah" I asked what all she saw? "The school" she answered. Ah-The whole not talking about things much. Finally she talked a little bit more-Didn't seem to be much of a big deal to her and she seemed to have fun.
I suppose this happens at different stages in their life-Sending them to Kindergarten,Middle School,High School, College,then eventually other things like getting married and everything! Such as the life of a parent I guess. It's just hard to let them go and not get emotional.

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