Saturday, July 11, 2009

To lighten the mood...

I realize that my last couple of posts have been a bit on the heavy side-Such as life in the Mom Mayhem. But, I thought I'd do a kinda silly post to lighten the mood!

1st of all -Anyone out there like spinners on vehicles? Have spinners? Know what spinners are?
Well, If you don't know they are they're the part of your hub-cap rim thingy boppers that actually spin-Technically speaking ;)
I don't know why-But, I kind of wanted them! I know my hubby thought I was crazy too -hubby-"So, you want spinner's on our minivan?" Me -"Yeah wouldn't I have like the coolest mom minivan then?" My husband-"Uh-No". Well, apparently the fad has kinda come and gone and is not-so-cool anymore according to This Aritcle(towards bottom of page) So I guess I really won't worry about that now.

In other silly news: Ever caught pics of your kids just being silly? Here's a few I thought were pretty good:

There's nothing like catching your kids wearing silly glasses,wigs,& hats! Or having a Cowboy Superman save the day! =D

Just a couple more things-You may have noticed a cool new button on my blog over that ---> way somewhere. I just started being a guest contributor on another site-Things Mommies love-Yay! So, be sure to check out my occassional tips & info I want to share there!

And 1 last thing for now...So,I like to say we've got a pretty weird family. Take for example we have 1 cat and 1 dog. I swear at times our dog acts more like a cat wanting to be in your lap and all. And our cat acts more like a dog. Sometimes they even eat each other's food! My cat also likes to play fetch like a dog! (When he's the mood of course). And I'd like to share a video of my cat doing just that-Playing Fetch! It was taken several years ago in our old apartment. So, my cat and my daughter both were a lot smaller. If you can turn the volume up and listen to my daughter-She's pretty silly herself. Anyways -Enjoy!

You can also see this video on YouTube: Shadowthecatplaying fetch :)

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