Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Fun family outings

The past few weekends have been great weather -perfect for getting out and about -So, that's just what we've done! And of course being as frugal as I am these outings didn't cost much either. In case you can't tell we... Went to a Shakespeare Festival,an Elephant Birthday,Philbrook's Free Family Day, and a Greek Holiday -Opa!

What fun outings have you done lately or are planning to do?

Oh and if you like museums be sure to check out my latest Examiner article -Free Museum days! And you can always check out my other articles by clicking the button over there --> or by looking me up on Facebook -Tulsa Frugal Family Examiner -Happy Wednesday!


ShaRhonda said...

How fun you FRUGAL girl...going to check that article out, but football is eating my time!!! ARGGGHHH!

Erin MacPherson said...

That Elephant birthday looks like tons of fun!! We've had terrible weather here lately so you're lucky to be able to enjoy the sunshine!