Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My family is crazy

See, I've been thinking about doing a whole series of posts about how my family is crazy -Since I could probably write a book. But, heaven forbid they read this sometime -and besides I don't want this blog to seem like I'm "bashing" my family or anything. And I'm sure all of our families are a bit crazy in some way or another -So, here's a glimpse into mine...

As I've probably mentioned before that growing up my dad got custody of me and my sister (a story in itself). So, anyways 2 girls growing up with their dad is a little bit out of the norm to begin with. And my dad he's kinda a quirky minimalist,conspiracy theory type of guy. He's had a few different jobs-from working in downtown Tulsa to a few odds and ends ones especially the past few years but, now he's retired. And now he lives here:
It's our family cabin -Plenty of family memories -Spent some summers camping there-etc. And when I say camping it was pretty much camping you see the cabin -is shelter and it does have electricity -But, no running water! Since the outhouse is falling apart he is looking to get a bath house built -with water though.
So that's about my dad -
My mom wasn't really involved while we were growing up -even if it was her weekend for us to visit her -she seemed - busy a lot of the time with this boyfriend or that boyfriend. But, now I think basically she's overcompensating - there's a rare day that goes by that she doesn't call and sometimes her mom (my gma) too -So, yeah sometimes I get a few calls a day from them. Also my mom facebook stalks me -No, really she does! Like the other day I happen to not catch the phone call -which she will call my home ph,then my cell phone - I called her right back but, she didn't answer - So, later when I was on Facebook she was all like -Where were you earlier?! I made sure to let her know that I had called her right back -etc. She also emails me about 10 times a day -A lot of them are different links to articles or videos or whatever -But, she also posts a lot of them on Facebook too -Ugh! It's just been driving me crazy lately!
So, yeah I get crazy from both sides and believe me there's more -But, I'll leave it at that for now -So, how's this stack up to your family? ;)


MommaAmma said...

Oh my! My dad had custody of me and my brother but instead of minimalist he ran on the theory that if you give things that's love. He's always said he's going to move into a cabin "off the grid" and "live off the land". But if he ever does, so help me because he is a retired hoarder, seriously, it's sick. He should have his Ebay privledges revoked.

Wow wee, I found someone kind of like me??? I'm sure you can relate to childhood friends not being able to spend the night because their mom's find it creepy to only have a man there. Thank goodness for adulthood!

Erin MacPherson said...

Ha! I think we all have crazy families (don't even get me started) but I'm going to go ahead and say that that cabin is pretty nuts. I'm not really a roughin' it kind of girl (although I love to camp in tents with a roaring fire)...

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yeah it is kinda roughing it out there -
Also @ MommaAmma -Wow it does sound like we have a lot in common! -Yeah I didn't have a lot of sleepovers -some because I didn't have the desire to and some because of just having a dad- The 1 friend who did sleepover also lived with her dad though -there's a few of us out there :) Yeah my dad is living "off the grid" now -Just think if your dad did maybe he'd give internet access like my dad though ;)