Monday, September 27, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Pet Peeves

Today on the RHOK we're talking pet peeves and they want to know - What's your pet peeve?

A couple of expressions come to my mind on this subject - Communication is key and Say what you mean and mean what you say. Oh sure I understand there may be times that require a little sugar coating on a conversation -I also understand some things cannot be communicated right away- waiting awhile to reveal a pregnancy for example (and no I am not pregnant! ;) But, for the most part it really gets under my skin when there is a break down of communication -No one really likes the runaround!
I'm sure I have other pet peeves -but lack of communication is the source for so many problems! Maybe it's because I'm a planner -But, I don't want to hear Sunday night that there's a school project that needs to be done, I would like for everyone to work together and be on the same page for whatever upcoming PTA event, and if the spousal unit has a problem -Let's talk it out - Communication is key!

So, there you have it - How about you -What's your pet peeve? Be sure to join in on MckLinky Monday on the RHOK and let it out!


Kellyology said...

Amen sister. Nothing drives me more crazy than the morning of school hearing about a project that is due that morning. And don't get me started on little issue with the husband and his superb communication skills. LOL

Dawn said...

Good one!! That is for sure a pet peeve!!

Thanks for playing along! =)

Together We Save said...

I totally agree!!

ShaRhonda said...

For sure...I better teach this one to the DS now!

Baloney said...

Most people stink at communicating. So frustrating.

Alyssa said...

Oh, I so agree. I have a degree in communications and worked in the communications world for many, many years before quitting to stay home with kiddos. Communication is HUGE with me! Good one!