Monday, September 13, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Favorites

For today's MckLinky Monday -we're talking - Favorites - 1st I must say it's so hard for me to pick 1 favorite on anything -But, I'll try -I might only be able to narrow it down to 2 on somethings - Well, here we go...

Favorite Actor: I might've mentioned before since I was younger I've loved Tom Cruise -He's in some great movies -Jerry Maguire, Top Gun, Far & Away, The Outsiders (made here in Tulsa I might add) - Just to name a few -There's something else I like about him- Hmmm -What could it be? ;)

Favorite Actress: I'm kinda partial to redheads like myself -Maybe a great award winning actress- who is not necessarily a size 0 - like -Kate Winslet: So many great performances -like Titanic -even if she's gone more blonde -she's still ok in my book Oh and did I mention my fav actor/actress both seem like great parents too?!

Favorite Band: It's hard to say what my all-time favorite band would be -I'd say my current favorite right now is -Neon Trees -I really love this song/video:

I've watched that video like a billion times over the past few days. I've also watched some interviews they did and was impressed that for 1 - A female drummer- but, also that even though they're an alternative pop/rock band -they're "clean living" -No drinking, no drugs - They also just seem like a fun group see:

Favorite movie: There's really so many -But, I'll narrow it down to 2 -

Vanilla Sky -Takes you on a crazy ride-it might also have my fav. actor in it ;)

Office Space -Gotta have some comedy in your life too -Especially when it comes to things like work ;)

Favorite Musical: The Sound of Music

Favorite Novel:
Favorite Cuisine: Do desserts count? ;) Really I love most food-So, it's hard to narrow it down -I'll go with Italian though:
Favorite Store: I like a good discount store too -Whether that'd be Wal-mart, Target, the Dollar Store -It's so fun to see what you might find -for $1 !!

Favorite Vampire: Well, I could go old school

Nah ;) I'd have to say Edward from Twilight:

Favorite TV series: I'm also looking forward to season 2 of Parenthood:

-But also love some classics like Seinfeld:

Favorite Time Waster: Blogging, Facebook,Youtube -All that kind of stuff ;)

Favorite Chore: Don't really like any of them -But, will go with Vacuuming

Favorite Quote: So, many great ones -inspirational,funny -etc. A random/poetic 1 I like though is: "Drink to me only with thine eyes,And I will pledge with mine; Or leave a kiss but in the cup And I'll not look for wine" ~Ben Jonson

Favorite Smell: A nice fresh,clean smell like -Clean linen

Favorite Vacation Spot: Gosh can't say that I've been on a lot of vacations to know what my fav. is -Somewhere tropical would be nice though :)

So, what are your favorites? Be sure to join in the MckLinky fun on the RHOK :)


Jennifer said...

Office Space! Is probably one of the most underrated movies of all time.

I think it helps to have worked in either a similar environment or with co workers similar to the ones in the movie.. HA!

Baloney said...

A Cruise fan, eh? I remember seeing Top Gun on 8th grade day with my school. They played the love scene on the ceiling so we wouldn't see it.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

@ Jennifer -Yeah Office Space is great -I must've been in a similar work environment cause I could relate to it a lot -One time when I was working there was the era of the "Daves" where there was literally 4 managers -all named David/Dave =D

@Baloney -That's funny I remember in school watching Far and Away (because it showed the OK landrun) and they fast forwarded thru some parts-I think it was 8th grade even.
Yeah like I say since I was younger been a Tom Cruise fan -I know some people think he's crazy -I'm not really a fairweather friend though -and without getting into too much of a religious debate -a lot of religious things could be considered extreme. And I think instead of hurting people I think they try to help people -get off drugs-etc. While other celebs are out doing drugs or whatev. So, which one is better/worse? -Ok rant over -Lol :)

♥Georgie♥ said...

I LOVE your 'old school' vamps! oh an seinfeld YES and my hubs LOVES Office Space!

Dawn said...

Great actress choice! And I used to like Cruise until he went all wacky. Ha! I'm like Baloney - it's hard for me to like an actor/actress when they are weird in real life.

I've never heard of that band. But, I pretty much listen to only 70's, 80's, classic rock or country.

Thanks for playing along this week! =)

Mrs. A.

jennykate77 said...

Tom Cruise, he might be crazy, but he's sexy! Good pick! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your pic for Fav Vamp!!! You know I love me some Edward Cullen! :) Great list of favorites!