Monday, August 30, 2010

MckLinky Monday -Routine Changes?

Today on the RHOK - They would like to know -Now that school has started -Has your routine changed?
Yep! Yep! - Like Mrs. Nesbitt I do love my sleep it's so nice during the summer to occasionally get to sleep until 7or 8am However now that school has started I must get up at the latest by 6:05am - and I do take that extra 5mins -often ;) It is hard since I'm not the best at going to bed early -I still stay up sometimes til 11pm or so. Luckily my husband is here to drag me out of bed and while I'm showering he's helping get the kids breakfast-etc. Then he has to leave for work. Then I get ready enough and take my daughter to the bus stop by 7am (We're pretty good at the tag team thing ;)
Once my daughter is off to school - my son and I come back home - I finish getting ready like getting other clothes on besides my "house clothes", get my son's lunch ready, and make sure everything is in order to take my son to school. Once I get him into class -I come back home. Now that it's the 1st time I've had both kids at school -It is a different routine -I haven't figured out any particular routine for my "me" time - I do usually do some blogging,or work on an Examiner article, do some cleaning,- I try to be productive -But, admit I do watch some TV and so far tried to fit in a movie once -I was almost done watching a movie when my Gma stopped by the other day (Which reminds me I do need to type up some stuff for her) - There's always unexpected things that come up -The other day I got a call that I won a prize and went to go pick that up -It's nice being able to run errands by myself. Some people might think that I have a lot of time to "do nothing"- But, not really - if I eat lunch at about 11-12pm then I have a couple of hours before and after lunch- basically. And I'm sure I'll get more involved with the PTA -I was just asking the PTA VP who's kid is in my son's class what all they need help with -and she said she'd get back to me-So, we'll see. And as much as I love sleep -So, far I haven't fit in a nap -Maybe 1 of these days. Today I have a Dr's checkup -it's nice to be able to go the Dr. without having to have my husband get off work and watch the kids.
So, as you can see depends on the day -But,there are routine changes - And I'm expecting some more as we figure out extra curricular activities -etc.
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Baloney said...

That's nice that your husband helps in the mornings. It's a one woman show over here!

Beth Zimmerman said...

2 hours before and after lunch sounds like an eternity to me these days but I remember that my days were filled to overflowing when I was a stay at home mom too! My house was also cleaner!

Mammatalk said...

Both of my girls will be heading to school soon- Kindergarten and preschool. Can't wait for a couple hours of solo time! off to check out your Examiner articles!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yeah our schedule varies year to year -(seems I have to get up earlier and earlier -Ugh!)
Last few years have been pretty much a 1 woman show -But, this yr I convinced my husband that instead of leaving for work an hr. early that he could leave about 30 min's early and still make it to work on time - I'm glad he agreed and can help me out for a little while -Otherwise I'd probably have to get up- *gasp* Before 6am! ;)